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Testimonial Page 


"Hearing loss made it difficult to carry on conversations and started to effect how social I was with others. Once getting my hearing aids, I can now converse a lot easier. I can also hear the T.V. without turning the volume up. Hanna and her team were excellent and made for an enjoyable experience." 

-Anonymous Patient


"After receiving my hearing aids I can now understand people better, they don't have to repeat themselves anymore. The service from Ms. Moomaw was very good and timely." 

- Sherman Mumpower


"Before getting hearing aids there were always arguments over "you said", "no I didn't", ect. I also missed appointments dates and felt isolaed. After getting my hearing aids there are less arguments because I understand what is going on, which in turn results in less confusion. Hanna's service is very reliable and friendly."

-Anonymous Patient  


"Hearing loss is very unpleasant. I can not hear phones very well at all or voices for that matter which is very irritating. After receiving my hearing aids I can hear everything that is going on around me, and that is very important. Hanna was very good to me and my needs were met!"

-Anonymous Patient 


"I found myself avoiding groups and going out to restaurants. I did not participate in some conversations for fear of saying something off topic because I missed what was being talked about. Hanna's father originally fitted my hearings aids and expertly adjusted them to my needs. Hanna continues to meet with me and makes adjustments as needed. It is really much more than the hearing aid. I am sure you can get cheaper ones. It is the service at Moomaw that really makes the difference. I am much more comfortable around people now that I have my hearing aids."

-Scott Olson