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Binaural Hearing

Nick Moomaw

Hearing with both ears allows for a rich, balanced and full sound experience. That's why it's important to consider wearing two hearing aids, even if your hearing loss is mainly in one ear.

Thanks to advanced technology and science, the best of today's hearing aids are now equipped to communicate with each other and work together. They are designed to replicate the natural and normal way we hear. 

The Benefits of Binaural Hearing

Better speech understanding: It's easier to be selective in what you listen to, allowing you to focus on conversations more easily. 

Bette localization: Two hearing aids allow you to more reliably detect where sounds are coming from which is helpful in social settings - or traffic.

Better sound distinction: With one hearing aid, different noises and words tend to sound the alike. Two hearing aids help make sounds more distinct.

Better hearing rage: A person wearing two hearing aids can hear up to four times the distance/range than when wearing just one. 

Better sound quality: Just as your stereo sounds smoother, sharper, and better balanced with two speakers, two hearing aids enhance the sound quality of everything you hear. 

Increased satisfaction: According to studies by Better Hearing Institute, people who wear two hearing aids report greater overall satisfaction than people fit for only one.